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about us


A Moment of Peace” is a project created by the bishop of Padua to reach the adults in town, in the diocese and everyone who will find the initiative in the web to propose to them some moments of reflection and non conventional spirituality.

"A Moment of Peace" has contributions from Padova's Jesuits, the Friars Minors Conventual of Saint Anthony's Basilica, the "Collaboratrici Apostoliche Diocesane", the office of Town Pastoral of Padua, the "Centro universitario" of via Zabarella, the house of spirituality "Villa Immacolata", the diocesan group "Arte e catechesi" and the "Pietre vive" Group.

Every day of the Advent period there will be avaialable reflections and meditations on the website and in the newsletter, realized in the drafting by the group coordinated by professor Michele Visentin with Sara Zago, Laura Dequal, Laura Zanderin, Sara Maccatrozzo, Morena Garbin, Paola Stradi, Martina Barison, Giovanni Realdi e dai gesuiti p. Paolo Bizzeti, p. Nicola Gobbi e p. Guido Bertagna.

The reflections in the holidays will be provided by our arcibishop mons. Antonio Mattiazzo.

“A Moment of Peace” has been designend and is coordinated by the Diocese's of Padua Social Communication's Office.


The "A Moment of Pace - Un Attimo di Pace" staff for Lent 2014:


coordinator                    don Marco Sanavio

project manager             Arianna Prevedello

secretary                      Christian Mosele

editorial staff                 Paola Zapolla e Andrea Canton

public relations               Lorenzo Balestrieri